Event Schedule

You can scroll down here to see the full list of our retreats and weekend workshops listed in order by date. To find out more about any event just click on the link for that event. If you would like to book an event click on the link for that event, and then from the event page you can choose an accommodation type. We accept all major credit cards and all transactions are handled using secure encrypted transaction gateways. Please contact us at info@mulvarra.com if you have any questions, or just give us a ring at 00353 (0)51424936.

2021 Events

Restore and Re-energise Retreat 3-5 November
As winter approaches it is time to move our attention inward and take stock of our state of being. This retreat offers the opportunity to connect not only with ourselves, but also with others through our collective practice and free time. With Ciara Cunningham
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Food & Yoga retreat

12 - 14 November

Winter is coming! But we will be nice and cosy at Mulvarra House. Join us for some relaxing yoga and delicious food, including some food demos.
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2022 Events

Culture and Creativity yoga weekend 19-21 may
Connect with a group of like minded souls, and nourish your mind and body in this two night escape. Immerse yourself in yoga and creative exploration. With Liz Nilsson.
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Breathwork and Wim Hof Retreat
31march-2 April
Conscious Connected Breathwork & Wim Hof fundamentals workshop. More information soon! With Nadia Haigh and Aad Havermans.
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2023 Events

Yoga Retreat
25th-27th August
Join Hazel Branagan for this magical weekend to celebrate harvest time. and the transition from Pitta to Vata season.
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Summer Solstice yoga retreat
23-25 June
We can't wait to celebrate the start of summer! The combination of Tim's invigorating yoga sessions and a three hour stand-up paddle board tour on the River Barrow is too good to be missed, not to mention Linda's delicious and nutritious food. Book now!
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summer flow: Yoga and kayak Retreat
7-9 July
Connect to Self, others and nature during this deeply revitalising and replenishing retreat. Float through nourishing Hatha Flow classes and literally go with the flow of the River Barrow on a guided kayak excursion through the valley and woodlands. With David Mooney
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Yoga and Nature Retreat
4-6 August
This summer retreat will be an opportunity to slow down and make time for grounding practices that can support our physical and emotional well-being. With Elena Moreo.
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Menopause Yoga Retreat
24-26 November
Menopause yoga is much more than just a style of yoga. It is a carefully crafted, holistic, and scientifically proven method that educates and empowers women to embrace the natural transition of pre-, peri-, menopause, and postmenopause. With Nadia Marian Dolan
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Nurture your Nature Yoga Retreat
22-24 september
This Women’s Retreat focuses on understanding and achieving hormonal balance and pelvic health through theory, body movement, Pilates and Yoga. With Lisa and Elena.
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Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat
20-22 october
Enjoy a nurturing weekend with a combination of yoga classes, yoga nidra relaxation sessions, mindfulness, walking, and good food. With Mairead McCarthy.
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2024 Events

Conscious breathwork retreat
2-7 march
Discover what the breath can do for you and how you can work with it as a tool for physical health, awareness, personal growth and expanding the love and joy that you are. With Nadia Haugh
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Wim Hof & Breathwork Retreat
5-7 April
Discover the many physical and mental benefits of the combination of breath work and The Wim Hof Method. Save the date now, bookings will be open at the entd of the month.With Nadia Haugh and Aad Havermans.
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Food & Yoga retreat

12 - 14 April

Spring is in the air! Join us for some invigorating yoga and delicious food, including some food demos where we will also explore the joy and goodness of fermentation.
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Summer wellness retreat
10-12 may
As we transition from spring into summer, this yoga retreat will give you the time and space to fully unwind, destress and rebalance. With Kate Moore
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Sacred feminine retreat
31 May-3 June
Join Katie for a transformative journey. Dive into guided meditations, sacred ceremonies, and healing circles that honor the sacredness of the feminine energy. With Katie Duggan
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Yoga Retreat
28-30 June
Summer is a time to play. To shine and radiate as your authentic self. To recognise your gifts and share them freely. Join Laurel as we transition from spring to the high energy of summer. With Laurel Gosselin.
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Summer WEllness Retreat
16-18 August
Liz will be back in August with a summer retreat. This weekend will help you to tune in to your body, relax your mind and reconnect to your Self. The weekend is whatever you want it to be - it's all about YOU. With Liz Costigan Fleury.
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Inner Connection Retreat
23-25 August
A weekend of nourishing practices to re-connect you to your inner self and support, rest & rejuvenate, surrounded by nature and like minded women. With Ruth Howell
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Recharge retreat with Aoife and Sarah 1-3 September
Summer is an exciting and yet busy time of the year. September lies between the beginning and end of the Harvest season . This is an opportunity to reflect, recharge and take inventory as time edges closer to the autumnal equinox.
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