Weekly yoga classes at Mulvarra

A dedicated yoga studio in st Mullins

As well as our residential weekend yoga workshops and retreats, we also run weekly drop-in classes for people in the local community around St Mullins. No previous experience of yoga is necessary. All ages will be welcome and the quality of yoga practice will vary from  gentle to more dynamic challenging yoga based on the class.

Using our block booking system

Starting from 2022 onwards we have been running all of the  regular indoor classes in blocks of 6 weeks – usually with a weeks break between each block. You can  reserve a spot in the next six week term by booking through  the form blow the class schedule. You will only have to do this once  on or  before the start of each term. Please note that dropin booking for a single class may still be possible from this page, but not guaranteed- scroll down further for information about this. However if a given class has 12 people  who booked the whole block of six weeks we may not be able to offer a dropin option.

So if you are interested in going to one of the different classes you can  book by filling in your details on the link for the relevant class below. If you wish you may pay in advance for the 6 week block over Revolut to @timyoga or pay in cash at the first class.  The cost of six classes is  50 Euros.

Check when you are booking the correct class and make sure to  enter your email address correctly, as a confirmation email will be sent to this address.

As the studio is well ventilated and classes do not run back to back you can feel safe and confident as you practice. the space is large (60 sq m) so you will have plenty of space to move. Please do bring your own mat, and respect everybody’s personal space going into during and after the class

Time and class info


Morning class

Evening class



5.45 pm – 7.00pm
Early evening Mixed Yoga and fitness class

7.30 pm – 8.45
Mixed level Hatha



11 am – 12.15
Gentle flow – mixed fitness level class


5.45 pm – 7.00pm
Early evening Mixed level  Hatha yoga


7.30 pm – 8.45
Dynamic Vinyasa Flow
(higher intensity class)













book from one of these 6 week blocks

Dates for the next 6 week term

A New Weekly Yoga class

We are making one significant change to the class lineup this Autumn. From August 29th onwards, we are starting a more physically challenging yoga class on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm to 8.45pm, which will also feature a focus on yoga poses which have specific utility for those involved in sports. This class while still in keeping with our overall approach to yoga will require a somewhat higher baseline fitness level from the participants. Each week we will highlight one or more poses in terms of how they can help with specific sports such as running, GAA, and water sports such as rowing. The class will help to develop greater flexibility and strength in key muscles groups around the spine, shoulders, hips and legs. The cost and booking method are the same as for the other classes.

Dropin booking

We totally understand that not everyone can make a commitment to be able to make it along every week at the same time. being able to book a class on a one off dropin basis gives you a lot of flexibility. We cant always guarantee that a dropin booking can be made for every class, as it depends on whether a given class is already full. You can look at the classes for the coming week and decide which one to attend. in 2022 because of energy costs, we had increase the cost of dropin classes to 13€, which will remain the case for the forseeable future.

Please note that we can offer dropin booking as an option only on classes which are not already full. The booking method is the same as before, choose from the list of classes, clicking on the one you wish to book and fill in your name, email address and mobile number and then hit finish. Check when you are entering your email address that is it correct as a confirmation email will be sent to this address. You can pay by Revolut to @timyogamulvarra or to the teacher in cash on the day.

Yoga at Mulvarra: a meeting of ancient and modern

Imagine a 4000 year old science of movement and breath, updated for a 21st century lifestyle and all set against the backdrop of  a seventh century monastic settlement.

We take a pragmatic approach to yoga: what elements of this ancient science can best be adopted to achieve the maximum benefit for people living a busy and often stressful life.

What do i need for the class?

Bring your own yoga mat and make sure to wear loose comfortable clothing. If you wish you can bring a blanket for the end of the class.