THe breathing Space
@ Mulvarra

The studio

We are very excited to announce the opening of our brand new dedicated studio, the Breathing Space.  This large, light-filled space has commanding views over the Barrow River and surrounding forests, as well as the 7th century monastic settlement of St Mullins itself.  It supports multiple uses: as well as being a magical space to practice yoga it lends itself to uses from training to art exhibitions. The official opening last January was a special event for us. Tim has started drop in yoga classes and we have hosted a few special events in the last weeks as well. Here’s to many more.

The development process

Planning  for the construction began in earnest last winter. Inspired partly by the whole shipping container home movement and the use of recycled materials in home building, we decided to create our studio space inside an existing structure. Our main criteria were that the space should be filled with as much light as possible, and as well insulated as possible. The south west wall receives the most light and also faces towards the river, so it made the most sense to position most of the windows there. Being able to get sunlight stream in during the mornings was also a priority and to that end we placed the single largest windows on the south east wall.

Why do we need a studio space at Mulvarra?​

Mulvarra has operated successfully as a B&B for over 20 years. We took over in June 2017  and have continued to welcome visitors from all over the world ever since. We believe that Mulvarra has a massive potential to be so much more than a comfortable place to stay.

With the addition of a studio space, the possibility has opened up for Mulvarra to become a valuable resource.  We will be serving both the local community and anyone who decides to come for a workshop or to just come and relax in the peaceful environment of St Mullins.

Ultimately we plan to offer a range of different types of events ranging from yoga and mindfulness to arts and traditional crafts. Equally, we welcome other trainers in any area who would like to make use of the Breathing Space and work together with us to create a real haven for visitors.

Our approach

To minimise the carbon footprint of the build, we  used reclaimed materials wherever practical. Our many trips to to architectural salvage yards all over Ireland paid handsome dividends such as these  arch windows.  The space  has a unique feel to it which complements the spectacular views of the Barrow and St Mullins.