Workshops at Mulvarra

Why Mulvarra?

When we took over Mulvarra House in June 2017, we knew that there was so much potential to the place. Having successfully run as B&B for many years, we had a solid basis on which to build.
The two things which strike people the most when they come to visit Mulvarra House are the view and the peacefulness. We are blessed in our location; situated off the road and facing the River Barrow in all its glory, you couldn’t wish for a more serene and beautiful setting. Whether you are practicing yoga, working on your paintings, learning about nutrition and health in Mulvarra’s Breathing Space or you’re just dreaming away, the natural surroundings of Mulvarra House are truly magical for everyone to enjoy.
Your hosts, Tim and Linda, will make sure that you have everything you need to fully experience the best Mulvarra House and St Mullins has to offer. Their warm hospitality will make you feel at home and will hopefully make you return for another visit.

We run a varied programme of events year round ranging from yoga and meditation retreats to music workshops and games weekends.

Yoga at Mulvarra: a meeting of ancient and modern

Imagine a 4000 year old science of movement and breath, updated for a 21st century lifestyle and all set against the backdrop of  a seventh century monastic settlement.

We take a pragmatic approach to yoga: what elements of this ancient science can best be adopted to achieve the maximum benefit for people living a busy and often stressful life.

Why St Mullins?

St Mullins is a very special place which has been attracting travellers for well over a thousand years. We want to continue this tradition by welcoming people to St Mullins to experience its magic for themselves. Sitting beside the River Barrow, it is the beginning/finishing point for the Barrow Way long distance walk. A particularly gorgeous part of that walk is the 8 km river walk from St Mullins to Graiguenamanagh. We definitely recommend enjoying (part of) this walk while you are staying at Mulvarra House.
St Mullins is named after a 7th century scribe and cleric, St Moling, who built a monastery here. In Trinity College Library in Dublin, right beside the Book of Kells, there sits a manuscript known as The Book of Moling. St Moling himself had most likely died by the time the book was written in the eighth century, but his presence is still very much evident in St Mullins.  You can also find St Moling’s Well, a revered place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years and where every year people flock to drink the healing waters on Pattern Sunday.

Arts at Mulvarra


With an unspoiled view of the River Barrow and The Blackstairs Mountains close by, artists can just pick and choose their scene. The Breathing Space can cater for art workshops and we will be collaborating with local artists who are as enthusiastic about the natural beauty of St Mullins as we are.


Food at Mulvarra

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

J.R.R. Tolkien

Being a Tolkien fan, Linda can totally relate to this. Sharing good, healthy food really does bring out the best in people: it’s not only about the food, it’s about who you eat it with and the joy company brings.
Besides enjoying Linda’s fresh, mostly vegetarian and organically sourced food we will also offer workshops on nutrition, cooking workshops, a healthy way of living without having the feeling you have to give up everything you like and much more. We will keep you informed about all the workshops we offer here.