Food and Yoga Retreat

When and where?

When: Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th September

Where: Mulvarra House in St Mullins. You can get directions from our website contact page

Cost: from €320

To book:

Call us on 051 424936
or email

Your teacher:
Tim Dawson

Tim is a qualified 200-hour yoga teacher.  He has spent long periods studying and practising yoga in India, where he gained his teaching qualification in 2012.


Your foodie guide:
Linda Huskes

Linda is an enthusiastic food lover who prepares all of Mulvarra’s meals from scratch. Having spent hours and hours in the kitchen, perfecting her meals and trying out recipes, she is now ready to share her experiences with you.


an immersive journey into yoga, nutrition, and wellness

3 day retreat 1-3 April

September is a glorious month in Ireland – awash with the golden glow of late summer! its a good time to slow down and take stock before we start the wind down to Autumn and Winter  Let’s join in and take a three-day immersive journey exploring yoga, nutrition and wellness. Surrounded by the superbly unspoiled natural beauty of St Mullins and the Barrow river valley, we open Mulvarra House and the Breathing Space to you in a safe and warm environment.

We will focus on how to slow down using different mindfulness techniques. The yoga component will encompass a  range of yoga styles from Hatha and Vinyasa Flow to Yin yoga. Meditation will be another focus of the weekend and we will experience a range of different Meditation approaches.

Mulvarra’s hosts Tim and Linda are looking forward to welcoming you. Tim will guide you through some dynamic yoga sessions in the morning and afternoon and relaxing yin and yoga nidra/meditation sessions in the evening. Linda will provide a few cooking demonstrations so you can create a little bit of Mulvarra at home. 


  • 5 yoga classes
  • 3 food demonstrations
  • Suitable for beginners and all fitness levels
  • All meals included
  • 2 nights accommodation (shared and unshared accommodation options available)

Read more about this event
Not all of us are blessed with a yoga body, so it is natural to feel a sense of trepidation about the prospect of being surrounded in a yoga class by a group of picture perfect yoginis. We all have a tendency to compare ourselves, often unfavourably, to those around us. Luckily, with yoga, the reality is that those of us who least conform to those idealised images on the covers of yoga magazines and Instagram are exactly the people who have the most to gain from yoga:
  • Increased flexibility and suppleness
  • Relief from joint and muscular pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Reinvigorated immune system
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Rebalanced appetite/ relief from food cravings
  • Improved sleep patterns
Yoga is also as much about mental relaxation as about the physical exertion, which is another reason why Tim encourages everyone to accept where they are physically.  So, if you can’t touch your toes, this might just be the right yoga workshop for you. Modifications of the basic poses will be suggested so that everyone can derive similar benefits from the poses Food is another vital component of this special experience and we spare no efforts to bring you the healthiest and most delicious vegetarian food, all made by Linda. We can also cater for a wide variety of dietary restrictions with advance notice.During this retreat, she will give a few demonstrations so you can actually go home and recreate the dishes you’re being served this weekend. Also important is that we have time to digest, both physically and mentally. To that end we have been careful to build in provision for downtime. Mulvarra looks down on a path which stretches alongside the Barrow River for over 100 Km and passes through some of the most beautiful river scenery in all of Ireland. The perfect tool in fact for passing time with your thoughts while letting the natural splendour of the Barrow River calm you. And then, there is…. Breath. Part of the weekend will be given over to a discussion of the concept of Prana and how it relates to both yoga and meditation. Prana and breathing are very closely related, and we will also learn some practical techniques for directly working with our prana using different breathing techniques or Prananyama. Lastly and very much not least, sleep is crucial both physically (for the rest it provides our bodies) and psychologically (for the mental shift it achieves, allowing our unconscious to come out and play). Rest assured you will have sound sleep and lots of it while you stay at Mulvarra. All of our bedrooms are either twin or double and you can choose from shared or non shared option (book early to avoid disappointment). And if sleep has been eluding you of late, you may find that the yogic practice of yoga nidra, another strand of the weekend, has real benefits for you. All in all a very rich tapestry woven together seamlessly, and delivered in a relaxed and very down to earth environment by your hosts, Tim and Linda. Sure what else would you be doing?
Coronavirus guidelines
We are all learning how to deal with the current circumstances. It is very important to us that everyone feels safe and that you can enjoy your stay here without feeling nervous or anxious. As HSE and Government guidelines are bound to change over the coming months, we will make sure to implement these changes as they occur. We have taken all the necessary precautions so we would appreciate it if you take some time to read through them so that you know what to expect from us and what we would expect from you. In this way, we can all enjoy the peace and tranquillity that Mulvarra House offers. We recommend you read our full guidelines here . This page also explains the thinking behind  our policies, and above all, how we are approaching reopening as safely as possible.
Friday, 1 April
From 4.00pmArrival, settle in with tea and a delicious treat.
5.00pmFood demonstration of a few treats (including a vegan one)
6.00pmFirst yoga session
8.30pmYoga nidra session
9.00pmClose. Retire to your room, relax in our cosy living room, read a book, journal, get a good night’s sleep
Saturday, 2 April
8.00amMorning yoga session
11.00amFood demonstration: lunch ideas
2.00pmFree time (go for a river walk, read a book, journal)
4.00pmOptional: Food demonstration: dessert ideas
5.30pmYoga session
8.30pmYoga nidra session
9.00pmClose. Retire to your room, relax in our cosy living room, read a book, journal, get a good night’s sleep
Sunday, 3 April
7.30amOptional river walk: can you spot an otter?
8.30amYoga session
12.00Closing ceremony
Accommodation and Prices
In the interest of maintaining as safe an environment as possible, we can only offer two shared rooms for our retreats. This is also because we think it would be unreasonable to expect our guests to be willing to share a room with someone they don’t know while the current situation persists. The shared rooms can only be booked by people who book this room with one other person (so friends, couples or relatives). All the other four rooms can only be booked as a single room. All our rooms are en-suite rooms. Shared double room, en-suite bathroom – Sharing with 1 other person – €320 p.p for the weekend. Single room, en-suite bathroom – €370 for the weekend.
What’s included
– 2 Nights stay in one of our comfortable ensuite bedrooms – All meals and drinks during your stay – All yoga classes/meditation sessions/ walks/ talks/food demos
How to get here
The closest public transport is the bus or train from Dublin or Waterford to Thomastown . From Thomastown there are taxis available (cost is 25-30 Euros)
Your teacher
Tim Dawson Tim favours a gentle approach to yoga with poses being held and emphasis on breath focus. Students blessed with greater flexibilty are invited to go deeper into poses, but overall everyone in the class should feel comfortable with where their body is at. Tim trained as a teacher in Classical Hatha Yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Trimbakeshwar district in India, where he also trained as a Yoga Therapist. He occasionally integrates Pilates elements within classes in order to give more of an energetic workout to core muscles. Tim’s overall approach to Yoga flows from Patanjali’s second Yoga Sutra: ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah’: Yoga is the Stilling of the Mind Waves.
Payment Options
In order to book one of the places on the retreat, simply ring us or send us an email.  Please note that a 50 Euro deposit must be paid in order to secure a place on the retreat. If you are unable to attend the retreat this deposit is refundable, and as long as you notify us within three weeks of the retreat, we will refund your deposit (less a 25 Euros cancellation fee to cover administration costs). However if the cancellation is inside 3 weeks of the start of the retreat, refunding of the deposit cannot be guaranteed, as it is contingent upon being able to fill your place on the retreat. If government guidelines change and we are forced to cancel this event, we will of course reimburse the deposit.

The Breathing Space studio

This large, light-filled space has commanding views over the Barrow River and surrounding forests, as well as the 7th century monastic settlement of St Mullins itself.  Although it was designed specifically to function as a yoga studio and mediatation space,  it supports multiple uses. It features  a special infra red heating system and a full complement of yoga equipment.

The food experience on the retreat

At Mulvarra, we are very excited about food. Excited about where it comes from, how it is grown, how it is prepared, who you eat it with. As we are still in the early stages of developing Mulvarra and its Breathing Space, we are currently using fresh ingredients and organic food where we can but in the future we will grow our own food.We generally stick to vegetarian cooking in Mulvarra, although we are flexible and also cater to a variety of dietary restrictions. Vegetarian cooking is so versatile, you really don’t miss that piece of meat on your plate when it’s not there. Whatever your thoughts are on the topic, there is no denying that the meat production in most countries is not sustainable and certainly not animal friendly. When we do, very occasionally, prepare meat dishes we make sure it’s organically sourced

Food Highlights

  • Full board accommodation
  • All meals and drinks included
  • healthy energy snacks
  • Food is all vegetarian and organic produce


St Mullins: The backdrop to the retreat

  • A unique chance to experience the magic of St Mullins, known as the jewel of the Barrow
  • 7th century monastic site
  • 12th century Norman motte
  • Vibrant cafe and river community
  • Proximity to hikes in Blackstairs mountains and numerous river and forest nature walks