Mulvarra House Workshop and Retreat Centre Thrive Cafe nutrition workshop

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Lorraine is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Medicinal Chef, Weight Loss coach & Yoga Teacher. Helen is a Health Coach with a passion for working with people and real food. As sisters they shared a common interest in food and cooking with whole unrefined ingredients, spending many an afternoon in the kitchen exploring the wonderful world of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices


When: April 27th -28th 2019

Where: Mulvarra House, St Mullins, Co Carlow

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Join us for a very special nutrition workshop at Mulvarra House with the team from Thrive cafe. This workshop which runs all day, includes a night’s accommodation at Mulvarra House Workshop and retreat Centre. During this workshop we will explore the foods with superpowers, and how to add them into your weekly routine. Many of the foods consumed today have a pro-inflammatory effect on the body, e.g. sugar, processed meat, too much caffeine……and the list continues. When your body is out of balance so too are the systems of your body e.g. your immune system, your digestive system, your reproductive system etc. once your system is out of balance your body is more susceptible to various conditions and illnesses. Our workshop will help you to introduce more fruit and vegetables into your diet through tasty meals,sides and snacks


  • The workshop will run from 10am until 4pm and will be followed by a lunch specially prepared by the Thrive Cafe team

  • Dinner on Saturday evening at Mulvarra House is also included in the price of the workshop

  • The workshop includes one night’s accommodation in one of our comfortable double rooms at the workshop venue – Mulvarra House workshop and retreat centre

  • An optional complimentary yoga class on the Sunday morning is also included. This will be in our dedicated Breathing Space Yoga Studio over-looking the Barrow

  • The workshop will finish on Sunday morning with a delicious and healthy brunch in Mulvarra House

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